May 19, 2010

#45 Before & After

It's one of my 101 in 1001 to paint and re-do 5 pieces of furniture.
I found a cute little desk a few weeks ago at a Salvation Army and started my first project.

The desk was white, sticky and lopsided. At first I wanted to paint it orange...then maybe red...I finally settled on a dark plum purple!!

The picture really doesn't do the color justice.

It took me all weekend, 4 coats of paint and probably more $$ than it was worth!
I placed it in my upstairs hallway underneath my fabulous green mirror.

It now houses our office supplies, important papers and other random junk!
Add a few new handles....and viola!
I even went through the trouble of putting contact paper in each other drawers.

I looove it!

It feels as though it was made to go in our home.

I'm pretty excited about the outcome and can't wait to see what other 4 creations I can come up with.

Later Gator!

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