April 16, 2010

Our life this week!

Earth day is right around the corner, this Thursday to be exact!! I'm trying to teach the girls the importance of taking care of our Earth. I try to press the issue of recycling and get them to understand what it means. Of course they planted their flowers on Easter and have truly enjoyed watering them each day. Each night over the last week we have made a point of looking for bunny rabbits, which there are a TON of!!

We even got the girls the Dora the Explorer 'Explor the Earth'. It's fabulous!! It's made up of 4 little shows that are all about the Earth, the seasons and other earthy things. The girls love watching it and best of all...it's 90 minutes long!!

That gives me enough time to feed Madelynn, do the dishes and get on here!!

In school we are going over Chicka Chicka ABC. This is fun for the girls because they can now identify each and every letter of the alphabet. However, that is uppercase letters. Chicka Chicka ABC shows the letters as lowercase and that is really helping the girls!! They love hitting the table at the end as we all yell 'BOOM BOOM'!!

I have also been reading the girls Fancy Nancy and they looove it!

They carry the books around the house with them and request me to read it to them about 100 times a day. I love these books because Nancy is a little redhead and she is super cute. I'm just waiting for the twins to start using her 'fancy' words. haha.

Sshhh, we even got them each a Fancy Nancy feather boa for their birthdays. We may even get them her phone too.

Why am I so excited to give them their feather boas??

Because my little princesses are in to dress-up. It makes me smile everyday when I see their imaginations at work as they decide what to wear. Pay close attention to Allison's hair. It's up in a 'real' pony tail!! Their hair is just now long enough to pull it off without looking goofy. Mommy is thrilled!

I am sooo glad that Friday is here. Just thinking about having the next two days with Johnathon makes me giggle with excitement!
We set up Johnathon's new surround sound today and started working on cleaning out the garage. Our new shelves look GREAT!

I think I have talked Johnathon into going with me to HomeGoods tomorrow.
I don't really need anything, it just makes me happy to be there. :)

Have a safe and FABULOUS weekend.
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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Fancy Nancy & Dora are favorites here. Sweet pictures of your sweet girls!

Laura said...

My daughter is OBSESSED with Fancy Nancy too! We have all her books and she walks around telling people "My family is so posh" :)

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