April 23, 2010

Madelynn Moments

As promised, here are some updates on

Madelynn Jane!!

She obviously looks JUST like me. :)
She loooves time with her big sisters and they clearly love her to pieces.

They run to her whenever they hear the smallest peep out of her mouth.

Madelynn will probably never crawl as long as her sisters are around. They get a real kick of waiting until I leave the room to grab her toy (which I have placed just out of reach) and placing it right in front of her face. haha.
She is holding her bottle at EVERY single feeding now which has given me the time to do other things...like reading to the twins, taking more pictures, and making everyone giggle.

Madelynn is currently 'talking' her own form of gibberish.

gaga, yaya, dada are her favorites!

She has the biggest, deepest dimples that I have ever seen

and giggles and laughs at everything.

Her eyes appear dark blue in pictures, but trust me, they are bright emerald green in person.
Madelynn is starting to 'scoot', if you can call it that.
She has this 'worm' squirm down and can inch her way towards what she wants.

She is mellow and calm in a way that I never knew babies could be.
She sleeps wonderfully and rarely cries for anything other than FOOD. haha. She's alright with solids, but doesn't care for them.

Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 6-9 months
Feedings: 6-8oz every 5 hours
Sleep: 9pm-5am-9am
(I'm pretty lucky when it comes to sleep)
She is a sweetheart and such a cutie. She rolls all over the living room and it is freaking me out. I am SO not ready to have her mobile. The days of chasing after a baby 24/7 is beginning to freak me out! hehe. :)

Overall she is doing great and like I said before, the best part is watching her interact with her big sisters.

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Shannon said...

Yes it's so amazing when they can hold their own bottle! Those little things are huge. She's adorable...what a cute headband/bow!

G-Pride Farm said...

Your children are beautiful. Maddie is about the age of my Granddaughter. Life can't get any better than watching them grow and learn new things daily.

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