April 30, 2010

Confessions of a Stay-at-home Mom

We all have our little secrets.
Our tricks.

You know, the silly things that we do while home alone with our kids. The little things that shape the kind of parents that we are. The things that shape the memories that our children will remember forever.

Here are some of mine...

*Some mornings, when the twins are up earlier than Madelynn, I bring the two of them into my room, shut the door, turn on Dora the Explorer...and go back to sleep for 20 minutes.

*In the evenings, when Johnathon is either on duty or at the gym and I am busy making dinner with two screaming 2 year olds, I bust out a bag of popcorn and place two sleeping bags in front of the TV. I know it spoils their supper, but it also shuts them up and gets them to stop pulling my pants down as they cling to my legs.

*When Alyssa and Allison have destroyed my front room and would rather take a nap than help clean, I put on music and tell them to repeat after me. I then pick up toys and tell them that it is a dance move. This gets them to quickly pick up the room while they laugh and play. I then become a cool mom for getting them to clean. :)

*When my daughters ask me to wear their fancy dresses to bed even though they will probably sleep horribly, I let them. When they ask to wear their Halloween costumes out to dinner in the middle of April, I let them. When they want to wear a blue shirt, purple pants and pink shoes outside to play, I let them...who cares!?

*When I notice someone starring at Alyssa and Allison for 10 minutes before they decide to ask if they are twins, I reply with "Oh, no! They are just cousins who are best friends and like to dress alike."

*Johnathon and I talk about how easy it is to feed Madelynn at night because she can hold her own bottle and it only takes a few minutes, but I secretly still like to cuddle her in my arms and hold the bottle for her. I love that quiet time of lullabies as the street light outside peeks through her blinds. Then I like to pull her close and let her fall back into a deep sleep while I rock her before I place her back into her crib.
. . .

What are some of your 'Mommy Confessions'?

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Christina said...

LMAO..that was great! :)

bass family said...

I saw your blog on Multiples and More... I have three girls ages 2 & under too!!! (plus a 7 yr old) So I completely understand every single one of these!

oh and I loved your most recent post... with the story of your twins... beautiful. So thankful for a happy ending to the story :)

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I totally do the go-back-to-bed thing with my son when I have days off and give him a snack with his blanket on the couch in front of the t.v. before dinner to buy me some time. Sometimes we have to go into survival mode as I say just to get through the moment :)

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