February 25, 2010

my thoughts...

I was looking back and reading some of my old posts and realized that I just don't write as much as I used to. My older posts used to be paragraphs and paragraphs full of what life was like and what I was thinking. In honor of that, I am about to babble on and on...

You've been warned!

We are reaching the end of February and it hit me yesterday that my baby girls will be turning 3 in about 4 months.


How can that possibly be? My babies? My little girls that I was just holding in my arms and rocking to sleep? I'm in shock. Them turning two was hard enough, but three?! This is just doesn't even seem like it's possible. There is no way that three years has gone by already. I refuse to allow this to happen.

Anyway, it got me thinking...'What on earth are we going to do for their birthday?'. I'm not exactly sure yet, but it is in the works. We have so many things available to us here in San Diego and I would like to take full advantage of that. Also, her health allowing, my mom is coming out for the big THREE CELEBRATION.

(no matter what my father says! hehe grand babies come before trapping conventions!)

I have, however, just about finished their birthday shopping. All we need now is one 'big' gift for each of them and maybe some clothes.

. . .

Johnathon got home yesterday around 5. We spent some family time together, went to Target for some much needed retail therapy (it had been 8 days since I left the house!), and ordered some PIZZA! At this point, it's sort of a tradition to order pizza on Johnathon's first night home. The twins LOVED having him home to put them to bed. They really soak up that time with him.

Unfortunately, today is his duty day.

He also has to work tomorrow, which was supposed to be a day off. :( At least I get him this weekend and I know he won't be going out again until July. Woo-hoo! That's what is getting me through this...knowing that I will get a break here soon.

. . .

I ordered my very first Gypsy Wrap last week. I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

For those of you who don't know what it is, you can go HERE and check it out. Basically it is a stretchy wrap that a woman uses to 'wear' her baby. Yes, I'm officially trying out the newest trend in Mommyhood...baby wearing!

I'm so excited to try it out. Think about all the things I will now be able to do! Going on a walk isn't even an option right now unless I want to shell out the $$ to buy a triple stroller. Even after you buy one, who wants to push one of those around? I will now be able to 'wear' Maddie and push the twins. YAY! I can go to the park, check the mail (mailbox is a block away...gotta love military housing), or just go on a boring ol' walk.

. . .

It's about 60 degrees right now in southern California. I'm guessing the temp will rise a little in the next few hours and it will end up being a beautiful day.

The twins are off playing together with their baby dolls. I can hear them talking, some words I know, others are clearly made up.

Maddie is in her swing, awake. She is trying to sit up so much lately. If she is sitting at an angle, she tries to pull herself up...it's kind of cute really! She is rolling over like crazy; front to back, back to front, front to back...all the way across the floor. She is also learning how to use her feet to jump in her jumperoo, which is cute to watch.

I'm holding up well, still a little dizzy, but taking my B12 everyday.

I hope you all have enjoyed my random thoughts. It's nice to just 'talk'.

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