February 27, 2010

Dear Pregnant Self...

This week we're doing our 'Question of The Week' a little differently.

Let's remember that fateful day, the one where I found out I was expecting multiples? The emotions that ran through my body, the thoughts I may or may not have felt like sharing, the concerns that started keeping me up at night for the next 7 months? Just imagine if I knew then, what I know now.
If I could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with my pregnant self, what would I say?


Yep, TWINS! Take a second and soak it all up. I know the only thing on your mind right now is 'how your pregnancy will go' and as much as I would love to give you every detail...isn't that what life is all about? The experiences? This is your first pregnancy and I don't want to take that away from you. Enjoy this time with Johnathon and soak up every moment of it. Take lots of pictures because you will be growing faster than you ever thought possible.

{12 weeks, i think}
To relieve some of your stress and worrying, I WILL tell
you that you DO deliver two beautiful little babies. They will be delivered a little early, but will eventually thrive. Please do not lose sleep over the fact that you will have to leave them at the hospital. Only because I don't want you to be tortured by all of the "penciled-in dates", your babies will spend 8 weeks in the NICU. Ignore all of the nurses and doctors when they try to put it in your head that it may be sooner.

Take more advantage of the help that you have in the first few weeks. Family is there for a reason. Let them help around the house and spend some quality time with your babies. It won't be long before you are all alone and wanting to pull your hair out.
One word: ORGANIZATION! Without it, you will crumble and fall apart. Even when the babies are little, your life will revolve around organization and a strict schedule. Don't listen to what everyone else has to say about your schedule...they obviously have never had twins. You WILL travel with them by yourself, and it's not nearly as hard as what you will think. Save yourself the trouble and try not to over analyze everything...that will be hard!
You do NOT need two of everything!! While it does help having two of certain items, it's a waste of money. If I can remember correctly, you should only need two swings and jumperoos...they were lifesavers. Obviously get two cribs...they have no problem sleeping apart. Oh, invest in a second rocking chair...then Johnathon won't look so miserable when he kindly gives you the chair and puts his 6 foot 4 inch body on the floor. It's bad enough that he actually gets up to help you, give him a break.

{4 Months}
What is the sex of the babies? I'm not telling.
I would never in a million years take that away from you and Johnathon. You are together when you find out and I want you to see the look on Johnathon's face as you both realize what lies ahead. FYI: You will both want to cry.
I know that you want to go home to Illinois and see everyone. I know that you are craving to have family and friends feel your little ones kick, but D NOT go home. I repeat, DO NOT go home. Keep your butt on the couch and your feet up. It will pay off in the end.
Try not to cave and eat ice cream every.single.night!! Those 70lbs are going to be EXTREMELY hard to lose and you will thank me later.

{5 Months}
It might make you feel better to know that even over 2.5 years later, you still don't have the answer to every question. You still don't know whether or not to separate them in school, how you are going to do birthdays if they both get the same gifts...how do you let them just open the presents without one ruining it for the other? When do you stop dressing them alike and picking up two of everything? Will they always share a bedroom?
I know you are in shock and it's hard to get your head around the idea of "twins", but you are going to be alright. You were made for this. You love being a mom and the fact that it's of twins...well, that just makes it better. You may have twins, but the seeing other twins in public still puts you in awe. You don't think of your own as "twins", but rather just two little mini-me's of your husband. They look just like him and have many of his characteristics too.
Johnathon is a great father to twins. You would think that he has been around babies his entire life. He can out change, out bath, out dress, out feed and out burp the best of them. I'm not sure how you got so lucky to find one like him, but he's a keeper! The fact that he is willing to have more kids after twins makes him REALLY a keeper. ;) {try not to take too many pregnancy hormones out on him!}

{5 Months}
Above all, stay calm and enjoy this time in your life. It's going to be hard, I would be lying to say that is wouldn't be. Your days will be long, and your nights even longer. Naps? What are those? Bathing? Haha. Just try to take it one day at a time. You will never in your life do anything more challenging, yet so incredibly rewarding. Have faith and everything else will fall into place!

*All my other pictures are on a different computer, sorry!

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