January 19, 2010


The girls are in love with playing in the garage!
Who could blame them though?
The weather is always fabulous and they have 2 of every toy invented!
{or that is what it feels like when I have to pick them up!}
Alyssa is such a character.
We are giving Maddie extra time on the floor these days. We just can't get her to roll over for ANYTHING!
Soooo close!
...And then she tuckers out!

. . .

I figured I would take this time to answer a few questions that I frequently get asked about twins...

1. Do they have a special 'twin' language?
A: They never held conversations in a different language like some people think, but there were times when one girls would mumble something and then they would take off. It was like they could understand each other without really saying anything. There were also times when they would just look at each other, laugh, then go to a different room.

2. Does one cry when the other gets hurt?
A: No! I think this question is bizarre. HOWEVER, there was one weird moment when Alyssa fell and hurt her arm. She never even cried about it...then Allison came in from a different room with a bruise on her arm right where Alyssa was hurt. She wanted me to kiss her boo-boo. That was crazy!

3. Do the girls share a room/crib/bed?
A: They DO share a room. It started off that it was just easier for me to keep them together for their midnight feedings. They never woke each other up by their crying...it just wasn't an issue. They shared a crib for about the first 4-5 months. At that point we thought it was time to separate them because they were starting to roll and crawl on one another. The separation was painless and easy!

4. Can I tell them apart?
A: umm, DUH! What kind of question is that? There are some pictures (when taken of only one girl) that if she is standing just the right way, I have to think about it first. It's not all about the looks. Their personality has a lot to do with it. I know their mannerisms and habits. Just by seeing them walk or move, I know who it is.

5. Why do you (don't you) dress them alike?
A: This is one of those things that I will never get right. If you dress them alike, 'shame on you'; if you don't dress them alike, 'but why not? it's so cute'. ugh! The fact of the matter is that it's just easier to buy two of everything at the store. You already have to find the size and what matches, why wouldn't you just buy double. Then you take them home, put them away together, they wear them together, wash them together...yadda yadda yadda. I also personally think it's cute when they look alike. My personal feelings on this is that 99% of the people who don't like them dressed alike don't have or know twins. They think that by dressing them alike they will forget which twin they are. haha. My girls could not be more different and amazing...why not live it up and dress them alike while I still can?! :)

6. Do you have a favorite?
A: No! Depending on what we are doing, I may choose one girl over the other. In general, they are both spitting images of their father, smart, fun, and crazy little girls. I love them in different ways...just a mother of two singletons would feel for her children.

If anyone has any other questions...just ask! It's actually kind of fun!


Twin-Spiration said...

If you don't mind...I am going to take your questions and put my answers to them on my own blog. I think it's fun to answer the all too common questions.

Annie said...

Great answers. My favorites are # 4 and # 5. I don't know what happen with people.

BTW, beautiful pictures of the girls.

~ Italian Bella ~ said...

I decided to do these questions as well. http://theitalianbelladiaries.blogspot.com/2010/01/common-twin-questions.html

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