January 22, 2010

Do you ever feel as though you are running towards the edge of a cliff at top speed? With every intention on jumping? Not knowing what is at the bottom?

Like you just KNOW that this is what you should be doing, but still scared out of your mind? I have felt this way for awhile now.

I had a dream about a snake last night. My niece and I were standing next to the apple tree in my parents yard when a snake came slithering down a branch. Trying to protect her, I grabbed the snake...but not close enough to the head. It quickly bit me! In my dream I can remember the pain, my hand starting to go numb and turning to run inside. As I turned around there were snakes on the ground. That is when my dad came out and ran with me to the house. I'm not exactly sure why it was my dad who helped me and not my husband, but after all, it WAS a dream.

I googled the meaning of dreams this morning when I woke up. Come to find out, dreaming of snakes can mean that a big change is about to occur in your life and you are stressed about it. I'm not exactly sure what change it is, but I guess it's my job to figure it out.

. . .

What have we been up to lately??

If you haven't heard, Southern California is experiencing the worst rain storm in almost 4 decades. It's not too bad. Nothing this Midwesterner can't handle!! It's been consistently raining to a few days now. It got the worst last night with thunder and lightening. Other than that it is just really cold (about 45 degrees). I am spending my days locked up inside with my half naked little girls. Last night was their first night with no diapers at bed time. It didn't go too well.

Lately it doesn't matter what we do (tape their diapers), what we say (threats of punishment) or what we do (yes, I spank after the 3rd poop of the week). We tried putting the potty chair in the room with them. They either go and then dump it out on the floor, or just skip that whole process and go ON THE FLOOR! Their room smells like a litter box. I scrub their carpets daily and their sheets are usually the first thing in the washing machine in the mornings...WHAT DO I DO!?!?!

They are so good during the day. Alyssa has even started wearing pants and can now pull them down before she goes. Last week when we went to Poway (about 20 minute drive) she told us she had to go pee as we were pulling out of our neighborhood. She held it until we got there and I took her to the bathroom. I don't know why at night she does what she does. UGH!

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

. . .

Johnny will be leaving us for a little bit over the next few weeks. All this week, come home for the weekend, then back out the whole next week. I guess it's not too bad, just annoying.

Maddie STILL won't roll over! I'm trying to give her as much tummy time as I possibly can. She is so close that I can taste it!!

Sorry for no new pictures. The fact of the matter is...I have them, need to upload them, then edit them...{blah}

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