January 18, 2010

Around the House!!

Hello my fabulous readers!! This particular post is more of an update for my mom, but I am sure that you all won't mind a chance to be nosey and get a sneak peek into my home. There have been a few changes and additions in the decor...let me share!!

I realized that I have yet to show pictures of Madelynn's nursery. Her theme is ladybugs and I love it.

Did you notice?? The twin rugrats were hiding in there the whole time I was taking pictures. They are in this phase where they like to be 'babies'.
Here is her name on the wall!
The twins recently knocked their closet doors out of the hinges! Johnathon and I took them off in fear that they would fall on the girls next time something like that were to happen. We simply replaced them with purple sheer curtains...something a little lighter.
I have started a family or 'heirloom' wall in my staircase. I love it! Not only does it have pictures of family, but a special necklace that probably means more to me than most of the items in my house. It is a necklace made from old thread spools. My great-grandma made it for me when I was little and I have enjoyed watching my own girls play with it as well.
I've added more frames since I took this picture, but you get the idea. I do have a few more pictures to add (mainly of the in-laws) but it's a work in progress!
I found the PERFECT shelf the other day. I placed it under another new find and put a few knick-knacks on it...it's fabulous! The best part?? It was only $16.99! STEAL!
I hope you all enjoyed this small glimpse into my home!


Annie said...

Beautiful pictures of your house. My girls have the same caterpillar that the girls have.

Have a nice week.

Laura said...

I love the nursery, so adorable!! Very cute decorating. :)

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