December 28, 2009

Was Christmas Not A Few Days Ago??

Long story short...

I was walking through Target today to pick up some diapers when I stopped to look at these super adorable footed pj sets for the kids. That's when, out of the corner of my eye, I spy...


Holy cow! There are still coats, mittens and snow boots on the racks and they have already brought out the swim wear for NEXT summer.

I was in shock!

. . .

I have an addiction!
To decorating my darn house.

Gordman's, Home Goods, Ross, Stein Mart, Ikea
...oh how I love thee!

I just can't resist anymore. If I know we are leaving the house, I make a point to drive by one of the previously said stores. After I enter the amazing black hole of home decor...GAME OVER! There is no way that I am leaving without atleast ONE item. My poor husband and all that he has to go through...I feel for him. I drag him around these stores with all 3 kids in tow...usually one or all is crying, screaming, or grabbing for something (that includes him. lol).

Does that stop me...NOPE! No Way!


Laura said...

I know!! I have seen the swimsuits out since BEFORE Christmas. I used to work in retail and we did that for Spring Break. :)

My house need some major decorating too! I love that you go even with the yelling kids. :)

mrs. buckster said...

i know, right? in one sense the swimsuits make me so happy, because i know that it means warmer weather is on it's the other sense, it annoys the crap outta me because there's no way i'd be caught dead in swimwear. thanks, kiddies.

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