December 2, 2009

Through Our Windows...

Wanna peak into our house?
Here is a little bit of what we have been up to the last few days!

Allison playing 'peek-a-boo' in the blinds!
They are so goofy!
{Madelynn Jane}
I still can't believe how big she is getting!
Allison ALWAYS wants to hold her little sister.
This is how I have been able to keep my sanity!
The girls ask for it every second of the day and it literally keeps them occupied for hours. I'm not quite sure how I would cope without it.

'Where did Alyssa go?'

Life is great. Stressful nonetheless, but great!

Grandma Lori, if you are reading this...the girls have officially grown out of their cowgirl boots.
I just wanted to thank you for giving them months and months of dress-up fun. They loved those boots and poor Alyssa is still trying to wear hers. She walks around the house saying "owe, owe, owe" with every step that she takes. You have given them a true joy!

{shout out}
Bloomington's Magic 100.7, thank you for making my Christmas Wish come true and giving my mom a new recliner! She has been wanting a new one for months now and it really is a necessity after a long morning of dialysis. I knew that if someone else didn't get it or give it to her, she would never get it on her own. I'm sure she would find something else to buy for someone else and she would just do she doesn't have to.
love you, momma!

Johnathon is doing pretty good on the ship. I can't offer too much info because his email keeps going down on the ship leaving the line of communication a little frustrating. Also, tomorrow is his birthday!! My man is turning 24!

That's it for now...



Lori said...

Will have to get them more boots. We can't have our little cowgirls going bootless. Grandpa would be horified! LOL

Twin-Spiration said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable. Such cute pictures. I was thinking with your husband away...I have a video phone that I think would be awesome for you guys...check it out at:

Have a great night!

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