December 22, 2009

♥♥ BusyBusy Day...

Today has been a day for the record books.

We had an appointment at the WIC office @ 10am...we promptly arrived 15 minutes early.
2 very LONG hours later we were finally seen. (only after I asked what was taking so long)

We were able to go home long enough to eat a quick lunch and then we were on the road again.
To the bank.
To the dentist.
To Target for some last minute Christmas shopping.

Finally we were home!!

{just to realize we were out of milk}

Off to the store I went...

Did a little 'skype'ing with the in-laws...

Now the kids are in bed!

{thank you}

I'm so exhausted! My back hurts, I have a horrible headache, and to top it all off...I got my first filling today at the dentist! {sigh}

I guess the reason I am complaining so much is just to say that all of this makes me realize how thankful I am to have my husband home with me!! It's only Monday...I have a full week left to spend with him
! :)
Potty training is still going great!! All 3 girls are happy & healthy...the usual.

I've got some new STATS...

Alyssa: 21lbs
Allison: 22lbs
Madelynn: 11lbs

Anyone else find that incredibly crazy?? The twins are just shy of 2 1/2 years and Madelynn is only 2 months old. It just goes to show how much being a preemie/full term baby can effect your size in the early years. nonetheless, my girls ARE healthy and growing as they should be.

Pictures tomorrow!! ♥

1 comment:

Jalen James said...

Jalen is 30lbs and just turned 2 a week ago! Your girls are peanuts!

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