November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures♥

I thought that I would give everyone a peek into our house and show a few Thanksgiving Day pictures.

Johnathon and his little princess, Allison.
The twinkies...
Allison Leanne, always posing!
Johnathon and both of his girls!!
♥ us ♥
We had a great relaxing day at home on Thursday. The kids let us sleep in and we had a late lunch. The food was amazing and all 5 of us slept away the afternoon. We had a few friends over that evening and then Johnathon and I settled on the couch to watch a few movies.

He leaves on Sunday for two weeks out to sea. It will be a long two weeks and its not something that I am looking forward to. I just have to keep my eye on the finish line and know that as soon as he gets home, he is on a 14 day Christmas leave. :)

Madelynn is about the same as she was last week. Eating, sleeping, pooping and burping! Her cheeks are growing in size and it's making her dimples appear larger. Her thighs can finally hold her leg warmers up and she has officially outgrown all of her 'newborn' clothes.

Alyssa & Allison are learning and soaking up every ounce of knowledge they can get their hands on. They can identify cirlces, flowers, hearts and stars...they are even drawling their own circles and lines now. We are still painting and they are learning to control their brush strokes. I am hearing 'please' and 'thank you' without asking for them first. I am even starting to hear 'i love you' without initiating it first. It's wonderful!!

{another update on my aunt}
We later found out that it wasn't another 1 tumor, but many small tumors. Luckily they aren't cancerous and they will be monitored closely from here on out. Prayers are still appreciated!


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lori said...

Love the pics you all look really nice. glad to hear about your aunt.

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